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the BMW group has come up with some very special for this years 2015 concours d’elegance in pebble beach california. to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the car manufacturer in north america, they modeled the special ‘3.0 CSL’ that first premiered in lake cuomo italy, and came up with the ‘3.0 CSL hommage R’. the aim of the project was to seamlessly integrate the driver into the car with his immediate surroundings.

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this advanced approach led the designers first to the driver’s helmet, race suit and seat before moving onto the lines and surfaces of the interior. the helmet visor assumes the function of a display and projects situation based information such as the car’s speed, gear engaged, and engine revs into the driver’s direct field of view. this enables the diver to always have eyes on the road, and to fully concentrate on the job of driving the car.

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both inside and outside, the BMW 3.0 CSL hommage r is primarily a reflection of its function,’ describes karim habib, head of design BMW automobiles. ‘the exterior and interior design is based around the requirements of motor sport as far as the car and driver are concerned; aerodynamics and driving dynamics on the one hand,

the most direct connection between driver and machine on the other. in my view, that’s something the hommage car expresses in a very emotional way. at the same time, all the details from the BMW 3.0 CSL are present in the hommage model. and they are all there to be discovered in their original form. it’s a bow to the 1975 car.’

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the exterior design is a genuine expression of BMW motor racing. the stretched body is framed by air defectors, wheel arches and a prominent rear spoiler which mirrors the original 1975 BMW.

the colors and graphics used reference to its past. exposed carbon fiber spotlight the commitment to lightweight construction, bring it into the modern era. the BMW ‘3.0 CSL hommage R’ combines classic bavarian hallmarks within a modern and rich design language, adding an already glittering engineering achievement of 40 years ago.

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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R Concept illustrations by Won-Kyu Kang

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