Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi (MILKimchi) is a handmade kimchi using the finest chili peppers, natural ingredients and no preservatives. Established in 1989, our kimchi is a 20 year-old recipe of the renowned Korean soup restaurant, Jang Mo Gip (Mother-in-Law’s House) in Garden Grove, California.

Taste an authentic, artisanal kimchi, made with select chili peppers - a natural depth of flavor coupled with spicy complexity and savoriness - a healthy probiotic food that is good for your digestion.

“Ruddy MIL Kimchi is spiced to the hilt, but the fire is tempered by the rich complexity of the pickle, which is made without preservatives. Serve it with appetizers, layer it in a sandwich or on a burger, or use it to brighten a dish of grilled meat or fish.”
-Florence Fabricant, Dining & Wine, New York Times (October 14, 2009)

All natural, no preservatives l non vegetarian l contains shellfish, seafood, sesame seeds.

Mother in Law's Kimichi

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