This video will show you what I have done during my time in Arts Letters & Numbers in upstate NY for last two months. I made a sequencial drawing inspired by Wagner's opera, 'Tristan und Isolde - Prelude' with twenty four scenes on a twenty meters long paper. This drawing-opera (I would call) played with a 'drawing-projector' which I designed. It was premiered at the barn of Arts Letters & Numbers in NY last Wednesday.

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Title: Tristan und Isolde, Drawing Opera Medium: Ink on paper (performed with a drawing projector) Size of drawing: 2000 x 40 cm Music: Tristan und Isolde - Prelude, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra Sep 27, 2017 at The barn, Arts Letters & Numbers, NY

I was born in 1980 in Seoul. I majored in Korean art at the College of Fine Arts, which is about learning traditional painting techniques and art history in East-Asia. I was always interested in how to harmonize East Asian art and modern life I live in.

As an answer, my conclusion was to focus on me who is living in this age. So I decided to draw my feelings, my thoughts, and the things that I was worried about. I wanted to talk about ‘emotions’ that anyone could feel. It is a beginning of the series of ‘moonassi drawing' that started in 2008.

‘Moonaa' is my artist name. I wanted to be ‘無 Moo(which means nothing or empty) - 나 Na(which means ego or the conscious "I")’ as an empty ego that can contain anything anyone’s mind. The characters in my drawing is an actor who plays me and your story with a gentle gesture. I depict my inner conflicts, toughts, and various emotions I can feel in relationship. Moonassi drawing series is my lifetime project.


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