Communication can be difficult when cultural and historical backgrounds are so distanced. A Korean grandmother and her German granddaughter try to work it out.

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graduation film at Royal College of Art 2018


Sound Design and Mixing: Edward A Guy

Writer: Lydia Rynne, Dal Park

Actors Neighbours: Eunju Ara Choi, Sunny Sun-A Kim, Eunji Choi

Coloring Assistant: Alix Bortoli, Camille Gibut, Dana-Mari Tarakchieva, Terri Broughton, Tianhua Lin, Tom Salo, Shiran Shu, Brogan Bertie, Jia Li, Mariana Leal, Grete Ly Valing, Fazilet Akbaba, Jonathan Kan, Inadas Ait-Ferral, Fabian Wong, Zehong Zhu

DAL PARK is a German animation artist, director and illustrator based in Berlin since 2020. BA Communication Design, Munich University of Applied Sciences (2014) MA Animation, Royal College of Art (2018)

Dal Park

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