GIHAI Mechatronics recently launched its new sleek black design 'BlackBox SATA' model equipped with 2.5-inch HDD. SATA/HDD 160G/5400 rpm/191g/

Touch or wipe a window to see something and express something when we look at moisture window. We wonder beyond window that is hidden by moisture and sometime, we draw or scribble on the window. All this kinds of experiences go into moisture window system. What you touch is what you tell, express and take. After all, we can communicate with our atmosphere by moisture window system. It is a momentary but real. When you meet the moisture window, you feel ‘touch'.

matter workshop : Kim hyung-suk & Kim hong-kiun lead matter workshop to explore from matters to spatial logics in our enviroment. matter workshop is linked to collaborate with Marc dahmen and Lukas haller who are rising a young architect in europe(Koln, Wien)

Beyond Bottles, Manufacturer:
LG Household & Healthcare
Design: LG Household & Healthcare/Eun-Joo Lee, Sung-Pil Hwang
cd's Association/Dong-Min Shin

   The brand concept of Beyond consists of well-being and coloured food ingredients. The theme is the fusion of kitchen and bathroom, creating an image of healthy recipes and relaxation. The packaging has a rounded rectangular shape, with a slim neck. The screw cap is coordinated in black to lend the series a unified appearance. The bottles come in red, yellow, green and white to match the concept of food colours. The label is waterproof, since Beyond is intended for use in bathrooms. Despite over hundred kinds of different products, the brand identification is clear.

iF product design award 2007

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