`Haewoojae` literally means `a place where one can solve one`s worries` and this toilet bowl-shaped house is about to become a symbol for a movement that is aimed at solving one of the world`s most pressing problems -- toilet sanitation. Built by Korean National Assembly Rep. Sim Jae-Duck to commemorate the World Toilet Association General Assembly {WTAA} to be held Nov. 21-25 in the capital city of Seoul, the Toilet House epitomises everything that the World Toilet Association stands for. "We want the Haewoojae to change the unpleasant concepts surrounding toilets and the misperceptions about toilets. We should learn to go beyond seeing toilets as just a place for defecation, but also as a place of culture where people can rest, meditate and be happy," said Sim, who proudly calls himself `Mr Toilet`. He is also the chairman of the organising committee of the WTAA inauguration.

In a nutshell, the chairman`s goals in building this one-of-a-kind residence are to raise awareness about the importance of water and sanitation and, through fund-raising projects and dialogues with different groups, help provide toilets in countries lacking in proper toilet facilities. Apart from it being toilet-shaped, the Haewoojae has a toilet built right smack in the centre of the house. Overall, the two-storey house has four toilets equipped with advanced amenities. The centre toilet is transparent and everything can be seen from the living room. But as soon as a special sensor detects movement in the toilet, the glass encasement immediately fogs up so that the user can enjoy his or her privacy.

Designer Ko Kiwoong made sure that the Haewoojae was up to Sim Jae-Duck`s standards. After all, the place where the structure is now standing has been Mr Toilet`s home for over 30 years. The WTAA chairman tore down his old house and is now ready to live in his Toilet House, all for the sake of spreading awareness as to the importance of toilet hygiene and sanitation.

Mr Sim, 74, who said last month that his mother gave him birth in a bathroom, has actively campaigned for "clean and beautiful" toilets since his service as Suweon mayor from 1995-2002. His campaign has since turned many of public restrooms nationwide into facilities boasting paintings, fresh flowers or even small gardens. Mr Sim's house was completed before the Korea Toilet Association, which he funds, holds a forum in Seoul later this month to launch the World Toilet Association to take his campaign worldwide.

Sim Jae-duck, the chairman of the organizing committee of the World Toilet Association General Assembly, gave reporters their first look Friday inside the world's only "toilet house," Haewoojae, in the city of Suwon, south of Seoul. Built for the Nov. 21 inaugural meeting of the association, the two-story toilet house is set to be completed on Sunday as a monument to the porcelain god — as well as a symbol for the need for better sanitation worldwide.

Kim In Cheurl + Archium architects are behind the unusual perforated concrete Urban Hive Tower design. Construction completed in late 2008

Archium architects

Pinx Museum Duson Jeju, Korea / Gallery
Site Area: 775.60㎡ / BLDG Area: 220.65㎡ Structure: RC/ Exterior Finish: Steel, Glass


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