Pine bus

This was just created by using a plain pins that had a round-shaped head.
I expressed fruit, a bird, a p erson face etc, by painting the pin head.

Pine woodpecker

Also that can be expressed as a planet, by using a candy's stripe pattern or mixed color.
These can be used to stick and fix a memo or accessories on the wall.
Just as the space created by pins expressed as a planets, it will be interesting to create a small space by using the pins.  

The pin name "PINE" is pronounced like a "FINE" that used at the ending scene of french film. So, it gives the feeling that something finished by being pinned. ending scene of french film. So, it gives the feeling that something finished by being pinned.

Junghye Park

SWBK presents modern tea cups composed of ceramics, heat-resisting plastics and aluminium materials on Areumjigi exhibition as an artist. The 4 tea cups can work as a tea leaf case and a lid. They can also be displayed as a sculpture in a kitchen when piled up in various ways.


passport pouch

HP Pellican pouch

HF passport cover plus

Luggage porter mini

In 1999, a few young designers headed by Say Y. Eom and Joy Lee began contemplating on a new role of industrial design. If design was done solely on :commercial" targets in the time of industrial design. now is the time of a design industry wthin whitch touch of design can reach even smaller parts of the areas close to our lives. Therefore, a bland names ALIFEDESIGN was created under the concept of "design life" and items with a story were designed and commercialized. In the beginning, main products were interiro items with added stpries, including wall clocks, trolleys, glasses holders and jewelry trays. Through an exhibition in Paris, France in 2004. Alife Design started making many changes after full-fledged communication with public.

Alife Design

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