SWBK presents modern tea cups composed of ceramics, heat-resisting plastics and aluminium materials on Areumjigi exhibition as an artist. The 4 tea cups can work as a tea leaf case and a lid. They can also be displayed as a sculpture in a kitchen when piled up in various ways.


passport pouch

HP Pellican pouch

HF passport cover plus

Luggage porter mini

In 1999, a few young designers headed by Say Y. Eom and Joy Lee began contemplating on a new role of industrial design. If design was done solely on :commercial" targets in the time of industrial design. now is the time of a design industry wthin whitch touch of design can reach even smaller parts of the areas close to our lives. Therefore, a bland names ALIFEDESIGN was created under the concept of "design life" and items with a story were designed and commercialized. In the beginning, main products were interiro items with added stpries, including wall clocks, trolleys, glasses holders and jewelry trays. Through an exhibition in Paris, France in 2004. Alife Design started making many changes after full-fledged communication with public.

Alife Design

Silent Machine

A tea set, Silent Machine was given its function based on aesthetic interpretations of much functionalized forms. While each object is individually seen as an aesthetic ornament, its beauty can be recognized when it functions as one of the elements composing the whole. Mathematical silhouettes and details evoke mechanical and rigid images.

The story dates back to the Machine Age. Machines in that period kept running in the fast lane and led to a new world overwhelmed with ambitions and wishes towards innovation. Having been created through mathematical sophistication and geographically defined forms designed for functionality and efficiency, machines at that time contributed to a fertile ground for revolutionary movements in modern design and created new concepts of beauty. Nevertheless, in the course of time, machines became relics of the Industrial Age.

They are still with us transforming themselves into more intelligent tools through evolving technology, but the glorious moments enjoyed by their existence in the fast lane are fading into the mists of history now covered with rust. No longer alive, no longer remarkable but the Machine-age machines have stories that make them more beautiful than they were. The stories remain in their times and evoke encompassing, though silent beauty. A tea time with them will deepen its value by their hidden stories and strength.  (Photograph by Eunjae Lee. 2012)

The Silent Machine project began with the intent to overhaul marginalized things through a new perspective enabled by the passing time. It seeks to look at things that had never been regarded from an aesthetic point of view and to prove that such things can be recognized in a different context and even become sources of inspiration in our daily lives. In addition, I want to commemorate these machines, a driving force during their time, designed with a heart full of respect and awe. I now applaud them with much admiration. I do pay my respects to the virtue of long-suffering and humble labor hidden under their splendid accomplishments.

Eun jae Lee

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