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Mosquito, Commercial Music Video

The Wonder Hospital, A short animated film

Stories from a Perch, A short animated film

The Wonder Hospital directed by Beomsik Shimbe Shim, 2010

Stories from a Perch, 2009

Stories from a Perch (excerpt) from Andrew Zimbelman, 2009

Jaewan Park

The book trailer for Young-ha Kim's novel "A Murderer's Way To Memorize".

Animation is mostly generative and very few keyframes were used.
Made with Cinema4D Expresso, Python script and AE expressions.

Suite (video 1), 2012video, 11 min 33 sec, loopsingle channel HD (1080p) video, stereo audio performed by Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Mother, 2011video, 1 min 25 secsingle channel HD (1080p) video, mono audio

Banana, 2011video, 1 min 33 secsingle channel HD (1080p) video, mono audio

Min Oh was born in Seoul, Korea. From time that she was 6 years old she was a pianist, and received her BM (piano performance) at Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. Before the world recognized her as a pianist, she changed her focus to graphic design, and got her BFA at the same university. As a professional graphic designer, she worked in branding and product design. She moved to the US in her early 30s to complete her graphic design education at Yale University where she received her MFA in May, 2008.

AIGA Chicago Small Talk Films

She won Bradbury Thompson Memorial Prize in Yale in 2008, and her two videos won Silver Cube, and Distinctive Merit in 87th ADC Awards in 2008. She also won Design Distinction in I.D. Magazine Student Design Review. She has exhibited her work at “1st Contemporary & Modern Art Juried Exhibition for Aspiring Korean-American Artists” in LA in 2007, “Outvideo Festival” in Russia in 2007, “The Sinew of Galaxy - Not Only for Lvxiao” in Beijing, “2007 College Art Association New York Area MFA Exhibition” in NYC in 2007, and Group Show “Work in Progress” in Seoul in 2006. Her work has been published in “Palimpsest” Volume 5 in New Haven in 2007. Also, she has been teaching as a lecturer at Hanyang Cyber University in Seoul, Korea since 2003.

Min Oh

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