Samsara Far out at sea

1 x 1 Collective Shows Their Work at Vander A Gallery

According to Buddhist teachings, all living beings are trapped in the eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Samsara means this cycle within Buddhism, Hinduism and other Indian religions.

These paths could be divided into two groups. One is the way of plants, the other is animals. Plants have a stable cycle from earth to earth, only repeating in this way. But animals including humans do not have an idea of the world after death. No one knows what they might be in the next life.
Perhaps it is possible that I was a bird or a wolf in my past life and I also could be a rabbit or a whale in my next life. - Sungho Cho

brooch, 2012, 2012, leather, breds, iron, string - pendant 195 x 100 x 30 mm

necklace, 2012, leather, breds, string - pendant 130 x 100 x 30 mm

A piece of nature is small, but sometimes they connect and acquire a different appearance. Interlacing branches look like a bold tree. Collectively, many small flowers look like a big flower. In the same way, my appearance and my life, are made up of fragments of memory. The memory is blurred but it has a vivid colour. The fragments of memory are connected by a piece of string – making one new piece.

Hyo rim Lee

Breathe - necklace, 2009, latex, iron, gauze, paint - 135 x 155 x 30 mm

Fachhochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim, Germany B.F.A., Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea currently Associate Professor, Dept. of Metalwork & Jewelry, College of Design, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

Breathe - brooch,  2010, latex, iron, paint - 150 x 150 mm

The sound of my breath calls my heart and wakes up my consciousness. I live the present by every breath I take. The present moment fades away quickly, but it becomes memories and those memories make who I am. Making jewelry is a journey to find my memories, which were made with my breaths. The jewelry made out of the memories start to form by themselves and make new memories.

Inhale Exhale - necklace, 2009, iron, paint - 152 x 193 x 34 mm
Heart - necklace, 2009, uretane iron, thred, paint - 180 x 137 x 48 mm

My work starts with the most general and fundamental meaning of living, my breaths, and shed a new light on the meanings that jewelry can have. The pleasures of my daily life can be found in small things, and making jewelry is like an escape from the daily life.

Heart - brooch, 2009, iron,  paint - 148 x 194 x 34 mm
Heart - brooch, 2009, iron,  paint - 143 x 189 x 37 mm

Dongchun Lee

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