The task lamp now has to not only fulfill various lighting condition, different task, but also the desire to decorate the given space. Glamp is a LED lamp with various lighting condition controls that can change the mood of the office.

The 'lamp shade' can be changed to different colors, and the lamp head can rotate 360 degree, so users can change the angle dependent on the task. The circular hub-less hinge allows easy carrying in the office.

Koo Ho Shin

Electric kettle by poetic form expression but drives our daily routine.

This is an electric kettle which has been composed with alien objects, and involved unique instruction of its handle which contains the plug for electricity operation. Those objects been applied, chimney of locomotive, valve-handle and pipeline, are supporting functional indication clearly but also create imagination through associated memories in their history. Furthermore overall theme of it leads us to a little practice. It is ‘Remove plugs after use’ that is an idea for energy saving.

We acknowledge that form is another language. Many studies are concerned with its theories such as semiotics, semantics and syntagmatics. We have such abundant objects in modernity used for clear perceptions, like archetypes, which involve an emotional consensus and through experiences they gain their own histories.Applying features of the fictional and its well-structured format as literature is part of a form-giving process. It is expected to utilize forms of language not only for communicating information or delivering imagination, but also an integrated utilization of them both to create imagination. Furthermore, these methods contribute to the appropriate innovations and progress of products in the design process.

In order to apply fiction to the design process, theories of linguistics, narration and literature have been investigated during my project. This conversion has been implemented with a number of electric kettles which represent one of the common home appliances in our everyday life.

Master thesis project- Konstfack university college of art, craft and design
Photography by Hironori Tukue

HAT lamp

CAP lamp

HwaSung Yoo

Q R .  Interactive Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011
QR is a beautifully designed carpet inspired by QR patterns, showcasing texture and geometry in a random sophisticated look and feel.

It comes in a range of bold color combinations and more subtle, tonal pairings.
Utilizing Mannington’s unique ability to create both carpet and hard surface products,

Mannington has created an 18x18 inch LVT tile that allows actual QR technology to be incorporated into the floor. This is extremely valuable for healthcare facilities, museums, entertainment venues, educational contexts, airports and retail spaces

- enabling the delivery of update-able wayfinding information, enhanced entertainment and education, product information and more.

EQUINOX collection .  Modular Carpet for Mannington Commercial . 2011
Equinox Collection offers visual fields of light & shadow rendered as pure texture.
Using a proprietary ultra-large denier fiber with patented variable twist technology

Made with a proprietary large denier fiber with Mannington’s patented variable twist technology. Mannington interpreted Ryan Harc’s design concepts of light and shadow using texture to define visual fields – elevating carpet design to a new fashion aesthetic component. The rich hand translates to warmth and complexity on the floor – in patterns of subtle gradation or irregular offset grids.

WARM NAIL . Pendant . 2010

Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee

Air Borsa . 2009 Produced by Madel T

Michi Jung

bind stool 500x500x700 / FRP/ 2011

Ji Hyun Kim

Shade Lamp

Hexi Bench

Hyun Jung Lee

White birch, Korean paper, UV gloss paint
1800x1800x2200 (mm)

White birch, UV gloss paint
540x700x2370 (mm)

White birch, Korean paper, mixed materials

There was no fence or gate where I used to live before. Opening the doors, the cottage became one altogether with the yard, streams and nature. That cottage of the time is gone, but good memories from that place create another illusion. The same type of two objects may face each other, stand side by side, or stand alone. By opening and closing the door, space is connected or divided. Even within an extensive space, It is possible to create a cozy space of own.  

White birch, UV gloss paint, mixed materials

Seung-Yong Song was born in Yangsan, in 1978, and currently works in Seoul, South Korea. Song attended École Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Reims and received his BFA, MFA, France. He started working as an artist's assistant at an internationally renowned, Claudio Colucci studio. As a freelance artist, Song worked in collaboration with designer Jean Marc Gady, Patric Nadeau, and Matt Sindall in france.

Seung-Yong Song

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